Connecting Industry and Operators

As seasoned warfighters, we know how vital it is to have the correct tech, kit, materials, and tools for the mission. To have that, we must create a robust raw materials global supply chain, and maintain a strong, durable defense industrial base.

Polemarchoi exists to help industry and government work together to bring their creative ideas, innovations, and products to our warfighters so that we maintain our competitive edge against our adversaries.


We have a particular expertise in strategic competition in defense, energy, and commerce. We help public and private sector clients successfully operate in a dynamic, competitive, and challenging world economy.

Our team includes senior U.S. government officials, experienced entrepreneurs, military, and financial experts. We specialize in providing actionable and effective solutions that strategically engage key leaders and decision-makers within government and private industry at the highest levels.

We specialize in the formation, integration, and expansion of local, state, federal, and international government relations strategies. From lobbying for appropriations to drafting bills and gathering information, we help you navigate the ever-changing policy world.


The Story of POLEMARCHOI (pol-aya-markee)

In ancient Greece, there was a revered class of senior military leaders given the title “polemarch.” These experienced warriors were relied upon by the kings of the city states they served, often making the most critical decisions on the battlefield. While on expeditions, they were seen as equal to the king. The title is derived from the words polemos (war) and archon (ruler, leader).


We Will Find a Way or We Will Make One

Connecting Industry and Operators

We support companies by advising them through the process of getting funding and contract vehicles.

We bring vetted capabilities and assessments of companies to our operators.

We provide keen technical expertise and insights to program executive offices, government officials, and other key leaders in an effort to strengthen connections between the private sector and government.


Our team has been highly successful in helping introduce our clients to public and venture capital opportunities.

We will devise a unique strategy to refinance, de-risk, or find the money you need to succeed.

We often find that our clients are just “missing that piece of the puzzle” to get them to the next level. We help clients clarify and achieve their vision.

Global Supply Chain

With a focus on our Five Eyes partners (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K.), we’re decreasing dependence on single-source, often volatile providers.

Although the Chinese have a monopoly on the entire global supply chain, we can still out-compete them by empowering U.S. industry. We must support our allies, develop our own domestic resources of raw materials and processing facilities, and leverage public and private financing opportunities.

Capabilities for a Challenging World

Our network has served in the top tiers of U.S. national security, law enforcement, and foreign affairs.

Along with facilitating key leader engagements with state, local, and federal government officials, we track and report on policy decisions, legislation, and committee hearings to determine your best possible avenues forward.

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Dennis Bartow

President & Founder

Dean Valentine

Chief Financial Officer