We’re helping develop the United States’ domestic resources and adding durability to our supply chain.

The war in Ukraine and recovery from the global pandemic have exposed weaknesses in our supply chain that threaten our nation’s security and Americans’ quality of life. We seek to bridge those gaps and restore strength and vibrancy to our supply chain, domestic economy, and the defense industrial base by working with private industry and government.

Move Over, China

China has a monopoly on the global supply chain. The U.S. needs to address it urgently by empowering our industry, supporting our allies, developing our own domestic raw materials and processing facilities, and leveraging public and private financing opportunities.

Addressing Critical Priorities

We’re addressing today’s most pressing supply issues by modernizing U.S. business practices and improving policies to out-maneuver our adversaries. We’re securing raw materials and processing capabilities.

Advancing U.S. Resources

We’re on the forefront of increasing the domestic production of raw materials by using technologies that maximize the potential of extraction and processing.

We’re also working hard to open new mines, create jobs, and reduce our dependence on foreign sources of critical materials.

Strengthening Our National Stockpile

Over the past few years, the world has experienced shortages in food, medicine, medical devices, and fertilizer, and a surge in fuel prices.

By supplying raw materials that address our evolving critical material stockpile and national defense requirements, we’re strengthening preparedness for times of national emergency.