Since ancient times, humans have traded goods and services to get what they need and desire. We define “jolly commerce” as the cheerful activity of buying and selling, especially on a large scale.

Technology has sped up trade, but today, multiple factors have slowed it back down again, damaging businesses’ productivity. Precious resources have become even more difficult to obtain.

The world has learned over the past few years how fragile the global supply chain can be in all industries, including energy, metals, and food.

We want to facilitate trade, believing that vibrant economic activity lifts people out of poverty, supports peace and tranquility, encourages the rule of law, and improves the lives of everyone.

Strategic Competition

We endeavor to outcompete our near peer competitors such as China and Russia and to provide less developed countries with the opportunity to prosper.

This is the best way to ensure that human rights are upheld, our natural habitats are protected, and illicit activities are combatted.

Securing Financing

We identify the best local, state, and federal funding for your endeavor and help you secure it. We also advise you on options including grants, lending, loan guarantees, and debt and equity financing through sources such as the U.S. Export-Import Bank and Development Finance Corporation. We have access to private funding sources as well.

Strategic Advisory

Simply put, we’ve been there and done that.

Our experienced advisors will tell you what you need to hear, not group think or conventional wisdom.

We specialize in rapidly analyzing your operation to quickly offer you a triage of insights and actions to solve your problems and get you across the finish line.

Top-Tier Experience

Our network has served in the top tiers of U.S. national security, law enforcement, and foreign affairs.

We specialize in de-risking your commercial endeavors domestically and internationally. In our view, aside from providing security and a basic social safety net, the government exists to support free and fair commerce.

We strategically engage government leadership to create policies that help our companies compete and thrive. Reducing regulatory burdens and barriers to entry are our forté.